Optimus Learning Centre provides 1-1 Tutoring and Study Coaching. We specialize in serving students with individualized learning needs. The Optimus Team is well-equipped to help students meet their full potential.


At Optimus Learning Centre, we believe that all students may be empowered to experience school success. Our mission is to provide specialized 1-1 instruction to students who have a variety of learning profiles, and to instill a sense of confidence in each learner.


Private Tutoring and Study Coaching services are available to both Elementary and Secondary students, as well as to those enrolled in College or University.

Individualized 1-1 Tutoring is available for all Academic Subjects. Personalized Study Coaching also helps students to improve their Learning Skills, which are essential for long-term academic achievement.

Communication with parents is maintained, and consultation with pediatricians, psychologists, and other professionals is provided as needed – to ensure that students experience ongoing school success.

The Optimus Advantage involves a three-part support program, which allows students to experience school success.

“A little over a year and a half ago, we came to Optimus for remedial spelling and writing for our Grade 6 son. Almost immediately, our son’s attitude and willingness to see “the tutor” changed, and the special education approaches that were used in his lessons have not only boosted his spelling and writing, but also his organization and academic confidence. My daughter now attends Optimus too, and my husband and I have seen a remarkable improvement in her skills as well.”

– Parent of Matthew, Grade 8, and Jessica, Grade 2

“My son went from being completely averse to school to being determined to put in an effort and demonstrate his potential. We are now living with a person who is eager to try, and who believes that he can succeed.”

– Parent of Luke, Grade 10

“Optimus is just what we have been searching for all these years!  We feel so blessed to have found this source of help and support, especially now, as our son is preparing for university!”

– Parent of Kevin, Grade 12