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WINTER 2022 :

Online and In-Person

Tutoring and Coaching


Optimus Learning Centre provides 1-1 Tutoring and Study Coaching.

We specialize in serving students with individualized learning needs. The

Optimus Team is well-qualified to help students to meet their full potential.


At Optimus Learning Centre, we believe that all students may be empowered to experience school success. Our mission is to provide specialized 1-1 instruction to students who have a variety of learning profiles, and to instill a sense of confidence in each learner.


Private Tutoring and Study Coaching services are available to both Elementary and Secondary students, as well as to those enrolled in College or University.

Individualized 1-1 Tutoring is available for all Academic Subjects. Personalized Study Coaching also helps students to improve their Learning Skills, which are essential for long-term academic achievement.

Communication with parents is maintained, and consultation with pediatricians, psychologists, and other educational professionals is provided as needed – to ensure that students experience ongoing school success.

“When I came to Optimus, I was in grade one. Now I am in grade three. I was always good at math, but now I am good at reading and making stories too.”

– Colin, Grade 3

“I am very pleased to be able to recommend the services of Optimus Learning Centre. For quite a few years now, my daughter has been supported in each of her subjects, and her 1-1- tutoring has always been customized to meet her identified learning needs. In addition to mastering the concepts taught in each of her classes, she has also been encouraged to understand and accept her own needs and strengths. The additional connection with the school has enabled my daughter’s teachers to help her to meet the expectations at school. My daughter has now developed habits and skills that work for her, and I truly believe that this has given her the kind of confidence that she will need in the future.”

– Parent of Emily, Grade 11


Optimus Learning Centre 

is operated by Christine Duff:

Owner, Program Director, and

Special Education Consultant

Christine is highly motivated to provide excellent 1-1 tutoring and coaching services to students who are either struggling to succeed in school, and to those who are already succeeding, but who now want to excel. Christine is also extremely knowledgeable about the various ways in which learning difficulties  can affect the lives of students – and their families. She is enthusiastic about providing consultation services to parents, as well as teachers, who may be looking to provide additional support to students with individualized learning needs.

The Optimus Team

is very committed to

student success.

Our teaching staff  is made up of Tutors and Coaches who work closely with the Director of the Centre. This ensures that students are consistently provided with individualized programming that will help them to reach their goals. Students are carefully matched with qualified Teachers and Subject Specialists – who deliver programs that are based on learning and attention needs.  Everyone at Optimus is dedicated to creating meaningful lessons that celebrate student strengths.

The Optimus Advantage involves a three-part support program, which allows students to experience school success.

Assessment: We start by carefully identifying students’ individual learning styles, as well as their educational goals. This first step helps us to build an understanding of students’ strengths and needs, so that we can customize all future programming.


Support: We then provide students with comprehensive 1 – 1 Tutoring and Study Coaching services. This second step includes individualized programs that are designed to help students to succeed academically – and along the  way, Learning Skills are consistently reinforced – for use across the curriculum.


Partnership: We actively maintain partnerships with parents throughout each term. This third step may also include ongoing communication with teachers and other key professionals – to ensure ongoing student success.

Optimus Learning Centre provides 1-1 Tutoring and Coaching services to students who are either struggling to succeed in school, or who are ready to turn their success into excellence. Students who attend lessons at Optimus may receive comprehensive academic tutoring, as well as personalized study coaching. This unique approach to providing educational support deliberately reinforces the kinds of Learning Skills that are essential to long-term school success.

Optimus is actually a word that means “best” in Latin. Our expert teaching staff equips all of our students to use proven strategies for improving their school experience, to set meaningful goals about reaching their full potential, and to practice achieving their personal “best” along the way. While we do specialize in providing special education support to students who have Learning Disabilities and/or ADHD, all students who are looking to make progress in relation to their own learning goals are welcome!

“A little over a year and a half ago, we came to Optimus for remedial spelling and writing for our Grade 6 son. Almost immediately, our son’s attitude and willingness to see “the tutor” changed, and the special education approaches that were used in his lessons have not only boosted his spelling and writing, but also his organization and academic confidence. My daughter now attends Optimus too, and my husband and I have seen a remarkable improvement in her skills as well.”

– Parent of Matthew, Grade 8, and Jessica, Grade 2


“My son went from being completely averse to school to being determined to put in an effort and demonstrate his potential. We are now living with a person who is eager to try, and who believes that he can succeed.”

– Parent of Luke, Grade 10

“Optimus is just what we have been searching for all these years!  We feel so blessed to have found this source of help and support, especially now, as our son is preparing for university!”

– Parent of Kevin, Grade 12