Program Director and
Special Education Consultant 

Christine is an Ontario Certified Teacher who has over ten years of classroom experience, and she has worked extensively with students who have a wide variety of Special Education needs. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching, as well as several Additional Qualifications in both Special Education and Reading. Christine is skilled in teaching students at the Elementary, Middle, and High School levels, and she is also qualified to provide support for College and University students. She specializes in providing individualized tutoring and coaching to students with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and/or ASD. In addition to her regularly scheduled meetings with students, Christine consults regularly with parents, teachers, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and professional career consultants. Her mission is to ensure that the educational experience of each Optimus student is well-designed, closely tied to personal interests and strengths, and provides children and young people with the necessities that they need to succeed.

Optimus Tutors and Coaches 

Anu is an Ontario Certified Teacher with classroom experience in Elementary and Middle Schools. She is passionate about working 1-1 with younger students, to foster both a love of learning and a sense of competence in both Literacy and Numeracy.  Anu also enjoys working with English Language Learners who may be new to Canada, and who are building up their practical literacy skills for use at school and in the broader community. Anu works with students at the office and online.  

Leslei is a Early Literacy Specialist who is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She is quite experienced at working with students who have a variety of learning differences, including Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and/or ASD.  Leslei appreciates that these differences may not only impact academic achievement, but they may also affect learning confidence and social skills. She incorporates this experience and understanding into her online programming for Optimus.      

Jasmine is a Specialized Language Teacher who is able to provide highly structured lessons in English, French, and Spanish. She has extensive classroom experience at the Elementary and Middle School levels, and is familiar with teaching strategies for students with various learning differences. Jasmine enjoys incorporating hands-on-learning activities and the use of technology into her in-person lessons at Optimus. 

Luke is a Subject Specialist in Math, Science, and Computer Studies. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Science, a Masters degree in Linguistics, and he is currently enrolled in a Teacher’s Education Program. Luke provides academic support to Middle and High School students in Science and Math, as well as in Language-based subjects like English, History, Geography, and Civics / Careers. Luke is able to provide instruction in either French or English, and he is currently available for online lessons. 


Saba is a Subject Specialist in Physics, Math, Biology and Chemistry at both the High School and University level. She is always careful to ensure that each of her students is well-acquainted with their curriculum materials, as well as the process that goes into both building knowledge and gaining problem-solving skills. Saba’s approach to teaching is based on her own experience of being a high achiever, and so she is both thorough and supportive of her students. Saba is currently available to provide lessons for Optimus online. 

Abdullah is a Subject Specialist in Physics, Math, Biology and Chemistry at both the High School and University level. He is highly engaged in ensuring that each of his students is given plenty of opportunity to consider various aspects of curriculum content, to practice problem sets, and apply learning and understanding to novel situations and questions. Abdullah concerns himself with the learning profile of each of his students, to ensure that their individual learning process will yield results. Abdullah’s lessons occur both at the office, and online.  

 John is an experienced High School Tutor / Academic Coach who enjoys teaching Mathematics, Business, and Computer Studies, as well as both  English and Greek. The focus of each of his lessons is to provide students with knowledge and insight about assignment expectations and curriculum content, and to then strategize with his students about how they can complete tasks efficiently and effectively.  John incorporates this thoughtful approach into all of his online programming for Optimus Learning Centre.