At Optimus Learning Centre, we specialize in private tutoring and study coaching services for Elementary and Secondary Students. Additionally, our programs and services extend to those who are enrolled in College or University.

INDIVIDUALIZED SUPPORT: Private 1-1 Tutoring is available for all Academic Subjects from Kindergarten to University.

The teaching staff at Optimus design tutoring programs to support the development of Early Literacy skills, such as basic reading and spelling, as well as reading comprehension, writing composition, and critical thinking.  Elementary School students may also receive support in the development of math and problem solving skills.  

Middle School and High School students may also receive Math tutoring, as well as general support in Language-based subjects, such as English, History, and Geography. Subject-specific tutoring is available to Secondary level students in French, Science, and upper level Math. Support with the process of course selection and the completion of  Post-Secondary applications may also be provided as needed.  College and University students often benefit from individualized support with support with time management and organization to meet their various personal and academic goals. 

PERSONALIZED STUDY COACHING:  This additional programming helps students to improve Learning Skills that are essential for long-term academic achievement.

Coaching programs may involve support with developing a greater level of responsibility or initiative,  or support with goal-setting, time management, and organization. Optimus Tutors and Coaches also actively encourage self-awareness and self-advocacy, so that students may maximize their opportunities at school. 


Individualized support is available to help students prepare for the Grade 3, 6, and 9 EQAO Tests, and the Grade 10 OSSLT.  This programming includes instruction in study skills, as well as specific test-taking strategies. Personalized coaching is also available to  students who may be preparing to complete the SSAT. 


Optimus Learning Centre provides 1-1 Tutoring and Coaching services to students who are either struggling to succeed in school, or who are ready to turn their success into excellence.

Students who attend learning sessions at Optimus may receive comprehensive academic tutoring, as well as personalized and supportive study coaching.  This unique approach to providing educational support – at every level of learning – helps to specifically reinforce the kinds of Learning Skills that are essential to long-term school success.

Optimus is a word that actually means “best” in Latin. Our expert teaching staff equips each of our students to use proven strategies for improving their school experience, to set meaningful goals about reaching their full potential, and to practice achieving their personal “best” along the way.

While we do specialize in providing special education support to students who have Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and/or ASD, all students who are looking to make progress in relation to their own learning goals are welcome!