“I like coming to Optimus because I enjoy seeing my tutor and I learn more about things I need to know. I also like coming to Optimus because I get to play fun games on the iPad like Osmo Pizza Company and Coding Jam.” 

– Elena, a Grade 3 student

“I can’t tell you how thankful we are that your team is helping John. He has come home from tutoring feeling so happy with his work, and has commented on how he likes that the teacher at school is now tailoring his program to him and how he learns. He really loves coming to Optimus. Thank you very much for helping him to feel positive again.”

- Parent of a Grade 7 student

“My two children, who have been identified with learning disabilities, have been working with the tutors at Optimus Learning Centre for a few years now. They have helped each of them, both academically and emotionally. During each visit to the center, time is spent finding out how the week at school has gone, and whether there are any issues that need to be worked through. Each of my children are encouraged to understand how they learn best, and how they can help themselves to learn better. Christine has helped my family navigate the education system and has been a tremendous support. I would highly recommend the tutoring and coaching services at Optimus Learning Centre.”

- Parent of a Emma, a University student, and Cody, a Grade 7 student

“As a parent, it has been comforting to know that Christine readily makes herself vailable to answer any schooling-related questions and to offer other thoughtful opinions based on her extensive knowledge of the educational system and her experiences in guiding other children and families. Christine has walked me through what to expect at an IPRC meeting, and how to position and advocate for my child to get the results we desired. I highly recommend Optimus Learning Centre to any parent looking to improve their child’s academic success!”

- Parent of Finn, a Grade 8 student

“I am so glad that Matteo is working with you at Optimus, and that he is receiving your ongoing support and encouragement to stretch his skills and his learning on several fronts. From my observations of his experience in taking tests in class, I would say that you have provided him with exactly what he needed.”

- Grade 9 Math Teacher

“My son got an 85 in English! He is very pleased with himself and his accomplishments! The guidance and encouragement that he received at Optimus were excellent!”

- Parent of Roman, a Grade 10 student

“My daughter, who is now in University, depends on Christine for moral support, academic advice, and help with revisions and project planning. She has really valued the time spent in the Centre or via Zoom getting both tutoring and coaching. She has learned a lot about herself as a learner, and how to ask for the help that she needs. She has also had so many academic skills reviewed and reinforced along the way. We are so grateful!”

- Parent of Donna, a University student

“Thank you very much to you and your team for helping Adeline get through this difficult year. She was able to complete the credits for those two courses that were so challenging for her, and she was most excited about the 83% that she got in Challenge and Change!  She is more settled about her course selections for next year, and is finally looking forward to applying to university.  A success!”     

- Parent of a Grade 11 student