At Optimus, we start by carefully identifying students’ individual learning styles as well as their educational goals. We then provide students with comprehensive 1–1 Tutoring and Study Coaching services. We actively maintain partnerships with both parents and teachers, as well as other professionals to ensure ongoing student success.

Assessment:  This first step includes a review of the student’s school history, an analysis of their learning style, and an assessment of their ability to use specific skills and strategies to their own advantage. This intake process helps us to build an understanding of students’ strengths and needs, so that we can customize future programming. Together with students and parents, we develop learning plans that enable each Optimus student to better meet their learning goals.

Support:  We then provide students with comprehensive 1–1 Tutoring and Study Coaching services.  This second step includes individualized programs that are designed to help students to succeed academically, and along the  way, Learning Skills are consistently reinforced for use across the curriculum.

Partnership:  This third step includes ongoing communication with parents throughout each term. Consultations with teachers, psychologists, and other  professionals may be offered to Optimus students and their families to assist with monitoring student progress, and to allow for ongoing school success. Consultation services regarding IEP development, Parent-Teacher interviews, SST meetings, and IPRCs may be provided, and supportive accompaniment at school meetings may be available as needed.